Company profile

Who we are

E3 deals with the design and production of custom electronic boards for several applications since 2007.
Andrea, Renato and Diego are currently leading a team of 9 people.

E3 was born in 2007 but since 1998 we are involved in the development and production of the electronic part of any automation, controlling the positioning, the analysis of signals and the process control.
Since 1998 we work on the brain of the machine. We project it, develop it, create it. As any electronic board is a brain, managing the machine work, by processing the external data, transforming them into operations, checking and coordinating the whole functioning.

For this reason, our first aim is understanding what the machine has to do. And which is the best way to do it.
For this reason, we create the algorithms that supervise the various operations within a circuit. Where information run. Where materials and substances elaborate the impulses and transform them into immediate answers. Into precise and effective operations.

Our boards and made by long lasting elements and materials. Because any synapsis has to generate correct and immediate answers.
We choose the best components. To obtain the best performance.
And make our boards renewable. Substituting the components. And updating them. Even to the ultimate technologies.

Our Team

Our team is young. We are open to new projects. We are curious of what we can make. We are passionate about what we do.
  • $ 100
  • Renato Dal Monte

    Co-founder, R&D, accounting dept.
  • $ 100
  • Andrea Cisco

    Co-founder, R&D Manager
  • $ 100
  • Diego Mastrotto

    Co-founder, R&D, purchase dept.
  • $ 100
  • Omar Schenato

    Software developer, R&D, production dept.
  • $ 100
  • Fabio Dematini

    software developer, R&D, production dept.
  • $ 100
  • Fabio Cisco

    Hardware developer
  • $ 100
  • Chiara Ghiotto

    Purchase dept., warehouse
  • $ 100
  • Federico Chiarello

    Production dept., Testing Lab.
  • $ 100
  • Filippo Bortolaso

    Production dept., Testing Lab.