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O-Bread is the new kit of electronic boards, consisting of a display board and one or more power boards, for the control and management of bakery ovens. The display card has on board a 5 inch TFT color display with capacitive touch and RS485 interface for communication with the power board; it is equipped with a micro SD Card for saving logs and uploading videos, USB for updating firmware and images,

EasyCloud is a new project, developed to be connected to low voltage motors but which are critical in the production processes. Our board let the motor become an intelligent motor, that is able to transfer the functioning status of the motor and all its functionalities thanks to the Easy Cloud Technology. This let forecast critical behaviours or future breaks, which would cause the complete stop of the machine. EasyCloud is applicable to motors

Who has never been worried, at least once, while sunbathing on the beach, of leaving the personal belongings,  such as wallets, smartphones or other things unattended under the umbrella. Of course everybody tries not to leave them in plain sight and, from the waterfront, every now and then, a look is launched to see that nobody comes close to our place. In response to this common "discomfort", we have developed an NFC

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